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structural design company in chennai

We provide best structural designing in the market

✓ Safest design

✓ Uniquely designed for every building

✓ Most stable & economical design

starts from Rs.10/sft.





Cityrene builds smart & self sustainable homes using eco-friendly technologies. Their homes are powered by solar, generates drinking water from air, recycles waste water without electricity, generates food from terrace gardening

structural design company in chennai

structural design company in chennai

What is structural designing?

structural design company in chennai

Structural design is the method used to determine the stability, strength and rigidity of structures and to make sure that the designed structure will be strong enough to carry its intended load without failure during its intended life.

The objective of a structure is to support or transmit the loads to the soil if the structure is improperly designed or fabricated in case of steel structures the structure will probably fail to result in serious consequences.

necessity of structural design

Why do we need to do structural design for homes?

Building a home is a lifetime dream for many of us. Constructing your home without proper load calculations may end up in disaster (example image on the right side). Most of the contractors assume the size of the column, depth of foundation and reinforcement details which might result in a disaster. Moreover, if you are planning to build an extra floor in the future you might need the structural design to proceed safely. When you are building a home for Rs.30 – 40 lakhs, the structural design might cost only Rs.15-20 thousand. Neglecting it will put your entire investment at risk.


structural design company in chennai

Our structural engineering services cover all the requirements like new constructions, renovations, adding an extra floor etc.  We provide structural designs :Steel Structures

  • RCC Structures
  • Pre-engineered Buildings
  • Composite Structures
  • Pre-stressed concrete structures
  • Lightweight structures

structural design company in chennai

structural design company in chennai

Benefits of hiring through us

15 years warranty

We offer 15 year warranty on structure and 6 months general warranty on plumbing, electrical, flooring or carpentry

Paid after work

Our payment management system ensures that the contractor is only paid after completing his work to customer’s satisfaction

200+ quality checks

We have over 200 internal quality checks to ensure the construction is of best quality

Trustworthy contractors

We do an intensive background check on each contractors we partner with including visiting their previous works, checking the quality of work done, their customer testimonial

Get refunds for delays

For any unapproved or unreasonable delay from the contractor the customer gets refund based on the delay. This ensures on time delivery of project

Weekly progress reports

Our team of qualified engineers send a progress report with detailed work done and actual site photographs showing transparent progress

top 10 builders in chennai

Smart & green home built with modern architecture inside a gated community

4BHK house built in the first floor with a commercial factory built in the ground floor.

Our Projects

Created with heart;

built with mind

We Serve With 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Me, being an NRI faced issues with the heat of Chennai,water scarcity etc. Cityrene showed me how they could solve my problems. We did the project together they were able to execute it, they were thorough, they communicated regularly and after completion the building looks stunning

    Gopi Mattel

  • I wanted to live a peaceful life in a sustainable home. However the builders I contacted were just not only expensive but were also charging a hefty price for building just conventional building. I finally came across Cityrene and got to know about the sustainable techniques used in construction process. I aim really happy that my house is built sustainable and also cost effective.


  • Initially we took a lot of time in deciding the plan, there were a lot of changes & modifications from our side in finalising the plan even after the construction began, but cityrene were very patient and made changes for us. Patience is a virtue not many has, we found cityrene team to be patient and customer oriented. Our house has came out great. We are a joint family with elders too, glad to say that we all are satisfied