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How we get building plan approval in chennai?


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Building plan approval in Chennai

  • We check the zone, submission drawings according to norms legal opinion, and update the documents based on Client requirement.
  • We also follow-up with CMDA, DTCP officials for Land and Building Approvals.

  • We also follow-up with government officials to get required NOC including Wet Land NOC.

  • We also get the completion certificate for our clients.

  • We are one of the best consultants to get building plan approval in Chennai

  • The approved original drawing and permits we get from the Government will be handed over to the Client.

How to get building plan approval in Chennai?

For getting plan approval from the government you have to submit the filled form to the CMDA office or Municipality Township or Panchayat Union.

There are two types of forms available.Form “A” is for laying out the lands for building purposes and Form-‘B’ for all the other developments like residential, commercial buildings.You can get this application form by paying the fees for the form and get from these offices (Chennai City Municipal Corporation or Municipality Township or Panchayat Union). Know more about how to get building plan approval in Chennai here.


List of documents for building plan approval in Chennai or any other location

It may not be the same for every approval. This is an example list of documents

Floor plan Images

Floor plan

Detailed floor plan to be designed matching the norms of building

Encubation document image

Encumbrance certificate

Encumbrance certificate (EC) is required for a period of 30 years.

Sale deed document

Plot documents

Plot registration documents along with the mother document

Patta document image


Patta of the plot is to be attached along with the documents

Chitta document image


Chitta of the plot is to be attached along with the documents

fmb sketch image

FMB Sketch

Field Measurement Book (FMBsketch is to be attached along with the documents

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